Reference Shelf: UFOs

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ISBN: 978-1-63700-291-9
200 pages
Pub. Date: February 2022
Price: $75.00

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How can we turn Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) into Identified Flying Objects (IFOs)? This issue of The Reference Shelf looks at the fantasies and realities of UFOs in American culture. Articles examine such topics as the existence of Area 51 and the recent popular movement to reveal government secrets over UFO sightings. Other sections cover scientific data on UFOs, the scientific study of extraterrestrial life, and the evolution of alien fantasies in American popular culture.

This volume begins with a preface; a brief history aliens and UFOs in mainstream popular culture, the history of human fascination with life on other planets as well as faith in the unknown, and the American consensus over their belief in UFOs and aliens. UFOs includes articles, documents, and other literary works that fall into five topics:

  1. UFOs or UAPs
  2. Ancient Aliens and Modern Myths
  3. Secret Facilities
  4. Alien Science
  5. The View from Above

Together, this information provides thoughtful, comprehensive coverage of UFOs and how the discussions surrounding it have come to be such pressing debates in modern times.