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Senior High Core Collection

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Senior High Core Collection (2020)

ISBN: 978-164265-648-0
1,500 pages
Pub. Date: October 2020
Price: $295.00

Senior High Core Collection (2018)

ISBN: 978-1-68217-665-8
1,752 pages
Pub. Date: November 2018
Price: $295.00

Senior High Core Collection (2016)

ISBN: 978-1-68217-069-4
1,500 pages
Pub. Date: October 2016
Price: $295.00

Senior High Core Collection (2014)

ISBN: 978-0-8242-1244-5
1,500 pages
Pub. Date: September 2014
Price: $295.00

Senior High Core Collection (2011)

ISBN: 978-0-8242-1114-1
1,500 pages
Pub. Date: October 2011
Price: $255.00

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H.W. Wilson's Senior High Core Collection (22nd Edition) identifies the best, most highly recommended material available for high school libraries and young adult collections. It is a helpful guide to over 8,200 recommended fiction and nonfiction titles for adolescents and young adults-grade nine through twelve.

Librarians have relied on the expert recommendations in Senior High Core Collection for years for collection development guidance. It is an ideal tool for Purchasing & Title Selection, Readers’ Advisory, Curriculum Support, Collection Development & Maintenance and Professional Development.

Created by Librarians, for Librarians

Titles are selected by an editorial team of librarians as well as a librarian advisory group—all of them experts in library services to adolescents and young adults.

  1. As an Aid in Purchasing
  2. As an Aid to the Reader's Advisor
  3. As an Aid in Verification of Information
  4. As an Aid in Curriculum Support
  5. As an Aid in Collection Maintenance
  6. As an Instructional Aid

Comprehensive Topical Coverage

Senior High Core Collection provides easy access to recommended titles in all subject areas of interest to adolescents and young adults. In this update, particular attention was paid to expanding coverage in computers, math and other STEM areas. In addition, librarians will find a wide array of recommended titles covering cultural diversity, careers, the arts, new technologies and social issues.

Easy-to-use Arrangement

  1. Nonfiction books, provides immediate access to over 6,000 nonfiction titles, arranged by Dewey Decimal Classification.
  2. Fiction, arranged by author, recommends nearly 2,500 of the best fiction for young adult and adolescent readers. This volume now includes graphic novels too.
  3. Story Collections, arranged by author, highlights over 100 recommended story collections for students in grades nine through twelve.

What's New to this Edition

The twenty-first edition includes more than 8,200 book titles. This volume includes a generous selection of graphic novels, and a more comprehensive collection of recommended graphic novels can be found in GRAPHIC NOVELS CORE COLLECTION on EBSCOhost.

Bibliographic & Cataloging Data, Descriptions & Reviews

Individual entries provide a wealth of much-needed information at a glance.

  • Complete Bibliographic & Cataloging Data
  • Price, ISBN and Publisher Data make purchasing titles quick and easy
  • Suggested Subject headings, Grade Level & Dewey Classification
  • Content Descriptions & Quotations from Select Reviews—are incredibly useful when evaluating books for selection and for readers’ advisory.
  • Additional notes describe sequels and companion volumes, editions available, awards, and publication history.
  • 2,300 “Most Highly Recommended” titles are easily identified with a starred listing.
  • More Professional Development Materials

    This edition also includes works for the librarian, including resources for the evaluation of materials, library management and programming and the use of the Internet and instruction.

    In-depth Indexing

    An in-depth Author, Title, and Subject Index provides users with thousands of ways to navigate this rich collection of recommended titles. Whether searching by author, title or by one of the hundreds of subject areas found in the index, librarians can easily locate titles that will round out their collection.

    Senior High Core Collection is a must-have tool for librarians and media specialists. Whether for title selection, collection maintenance or readers’ advisory support, this updated edition takes the guesswork out of collection development, so librarians can be assured that they are selecting the best materials for their collection, and making the most out of their book budget.